What our clients say

acupuncture client testimonials
Dr. Ma—Without your help we would not have this beautiful baby. Thank you. -Kaci G.
Dr.Ma — Thank you for giving me my life back! Your care of me has put my rheumatoid arthritis into remission. My general practitioner was astonished! All of my daily pain has ceased and I can once again resume life as a healthy, happy Mom. You are my hero, Dr.Ma!!! -Terry M.
Dr. Ma is an herbal genius. After some treatments, I’m now the proud mom of two healthy boys ages seven and four. Very few acupuncturists have been blessed with Dr. Ma’s herbal gift &mastery. The City of Austin has a tremendous asset with Dr. Ma practicing here. -Jennifer C.
I had been dealing with dermatitis issues since I was 3 years old. I had been to different Doctor’s getting temporary, but only short term relief from saves and steroids. Today, my skin is lovely after Dr.Ma’s treatment, even at 73 years old. -Colleen M.
I had a skin lesion of long standing on my leg and not wanting to go the route of cut, burn and slash of orthodox treatment. I turned to Dr. Ma. After one acupuncture treatment and an herbal tea, the lesion dropped off after 6 days without leaving a scar, never to return. -S. Borgialli